Every great recipe is a result of a fearless experiment
image of Gorgeous & Chocolaty Butter Cookies

Gorgeous & Chocolaty Butter Cookies

A cookie that is A HIT amongst the kids. Literally!

If you have kids at home, you must try this recipe. You will be blown away with their excitement, happiness and expressions. Trust me on this. 

image of 100% Whole Wheat Gingerbread Cookies

100% Whole Wheat Gingerbread Cookies

Why use refined flour when you can make something so delicious using a healthier alternative? Check out the recipe to see what this recipe has.

But what it doesn’t have: baking soda, baking powder, eggs, refined sugar & molasses. This is healthy + tasty 🙂

image of Healthy Avocado Feta Sandwich

Healthy Avocado Feta Sandwich

Avocado & Feta – A Match made in my kitchen 🙂

This sandwich is the result of a random experiment that we both loved a lot. Since then, it has become our go-to breakfast on busy mornings. Moreover, it is so quick & easy to make and tastes very good. Click, read & try.

image of Homemade Cream Cheese – Creamy & Healthy.

Homemade Cream Cheese – Creamy & Healthy.

A healthy companion for your bread – homemade cream cheese.

After trying it, you will stop buying any sandwich spread or mayonnaise from the market. This recipe is easy, quick, and can be made with what’s available at hand. Do try it.

image of Strawberry Mini Cheesecake – It’s Healthy.

Strawberry Mini Cheesecake – It’s Healthy.

No-Bake. No Cream Cheese. No Sugar. No Gelatine. & Not even biscuits. Yes. A cheesecake with oats and nuts crust/base. It is healthy and tasty. You must try this easy recipe.

image of Soft & Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies

Soft & Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies

Soft, chewy, melt-in-the-mouth cookies. They taste the best when warm and fresh out of the oven. Imagine the chocolate melting in your mouth. Heavenly. And you can not have just one when these are homemade.

It is a MUST TRY.

image of Non-Fried Veggie Burger

Non-Fried Veggie Burger

The juiciest and flavourful veggies burger recipe. It has a nice crunch of crispy fried onions. And the chili paprika sauce is a total game changer.

The best thing is that, since it is not fried, you won’t feel heavy at all. Do try it.

image of Vegan Mini Mango Cheesecake

Vegan Mini Mango Cheesecake

No Bake. No Eggs. No Gelatine. No Cream Cheese. Vegan. Light. Healthy.
Very Delicious.

It is a Must Try.

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